Firstly, thank you so much for taking time to view my website – I’m thrilled you found me and that you’re having a look around.

I believe in capturing interactions between ourselves and our loved ones, or those early moments of childhood. I want to enter your world as a family and

document the dynamics between you all. I want to photograph your babies’ nursery and the little quirks that make them completely unique.

I want to tell your story…

P.s if you’re here because you’re wondering if I photograph weddings then I absolutely do and you’ll find my weddings website HERE.

A little about my story so far – I’m a Mummy of 4 and a Photographer (and lover of Mozzarella cheese, my Dad’s side of the family are from Italy after all!) I live in Steeton, West Yorkshire (England) I like all things creative; art, music, design and anything turquoise. I enjoy spending time with my family and making memories for them. I LOVE the gym. I like food, love to cook and definitely enjoy a good curry!

I shoot with Nikon Cameras (I think I’m now on my 5th Nikon and nearly always have my 35mm f1.4 attached) Definitely a Nikon girl!

You’ll see my wee ones quite a bit if you follow me on various social media outlets. Here’s a little about them…

Grace turned 9 at the beginning of the year – She loves anything pink especially lipstick! She’s super bright and loves school and learning, her writing is always praised by her teachers for being advanced for her age and exceptionally neat (she’s a little like me in our quest for organisation!) I think she’s absolutely stunning and has eyebrows to die for!

Archie is 15 months younger that his sister (yes, life was pretty manic when they were both tiny) He’s a sensitive little soul and thinks very deeply about things, he loves me to absolute pieces, a real Mummy’s boy who enjoys nothing more than dressing up smart (bow-ties a must!)

George  arrived on June 1 2013, he’s completely different to his elder brother, a complete social chatterbox, he loves meeting people and talking gibberish to them. He has very fluffy hair with quite a red tint to it. A very placid and very happy wee man who loves his sleep & Mummy’s phone!

And then there were 4!!! – I gave birth to Gerry on July 7th – He’s just started smiling and I’m sure there’ll be a giggle or two coming very soon, he has the softest skin I’ve ever felt, he doesn’t sleep all night yet (I’m hoping when I next update this section he does!!) but he is absolutely adorable!!

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME – I have photographed for businesses and am available for event photography and now weddings!