If you’re looking for advice, for guidance and encouragement, for tips on how to improve your photography or your photography business then please read on! – With 5 years experience photographing families and 6 years within the advertising industry I can offer invaluable advice on marketing your business and help you and your business develop and grow.


“I am just getting started as a professional photographer and looking to build my business.  I am a family portrait photographer like Erin and have always admired her work.  I was delighted to take the opportunity to have a one to one mentoring session with Erin and was not disappointed.  I really needed some help  with how to establish a photography business, how to market myself and how to promote my business.  Erin and I spent a few hours together and the help and advice she offered was invaluable.  I have to admit I was a little nervous about meeting her but she was extremely warm and friendly and despite her extensive experience didn’t once make me feel inadequate (no question was too stupid!).  During our meeting we were able to set some key goals for the coming weeks and months and this has really helped me to get on track with my business.  I am left in no doubt about the value of this session and would highly recommend any aspiring professional photographer to consider taking one of Erin’s mentoring session. Thank you so much Erin x”


“I have been meaning email you to say thank you for the mentoring session. I found it very interesting and made more sense to me than any book could teach, I likde the informal approach you take which helped me relax understand things easier seeing your older and newer work together and hearing the photography journey you have been on so far was inspirational and thought provoking to what I could achieve one day.
Thanks again Erin for everything and you never know if you ever need someone to second shoot at one of your weddings it could be me.”


“I have had a digital SLR camera for quite a few years and always thought I took quite good pictures. We booked a family photo shoot with Erin last Autumn and were blown away by the quality of photographs she took. I mentioned to my wife …quite a lot! …how is Erin taking these kind of photos?..what settings must she be using?…why aren’t mine as good?..etc, etc…. then on Christmas morning I was given a voucher for a mentoring session with Erin from my wife. The session was informal, fun and very informative. I was shown various rules / techniques, little “tricks of the trade” and most importantly how to actually use my camera to its full ability. My photos have certainly improved and Erin is still always available for advice, I can’t recommend the mentoring sessions highly enough.”