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Olivia Rose – August 10th 2015

I don’t think I’ve been as excited about an impending birth since my own (maybe a few others in between) – Emma was positively blooming the day I first met her and Nick to discuss their wedding photography requirements, meeting them again a few weeks later she looked absolutely stunning, at 35 weeks pregnant she […]

Craig & Jo’s Emigration Party

I’ve been photographing children and families for 6 years, some families I’ve photographed time and time again – I first met The Savoury’s very early on when their youngest was a mere few months old – Having met them a few times since and seeing their wee ones grow I became good friends with Jo […]

Parents splitting later in life.

I’m in the midst of cleaning the house, one of those ‘I’ll just tidy the kitchen moments’which leads to a full spring (Summer) house clean! For some unknown reason I have the sudden urge to type my thoughts, hoovering the living room and glancing at the date on the calendar I realise it’s nearly a […]