I took a fabulous pregnancy announcement photograph for this wee family but can’t for the life in me find it on my computer and think it’s been transferred to my hard drive – Some you may remember which one though!

Elijah is the youngest of three boys in his family, I absolutely loved meeting him last weekend and loved seeing how much his brothers love him (even if his big big brother wasn’t keen on having his photograph taken =) ) – I absolutely love photographing newborns in a real life environment – with their room, their toys, milk bottle, just things that they’ll want to remember, and you!

Mr & Mrs Beck – May 3rd 2015

Wow! – The last few days have been a complete whirlwind and that’s just me, let alone the happy couple! – I’ve been thinking back to the time I once sat at Burnley College – an evening class all of 6 years ago. When asked why I wanted to learn about photography ‘To be a wedding photographer’ was my answer. You see, I spent my assignments taking photographs of my children, practising techniques with them and enjoying capturing their babyhood (I still do) – I became known as being a children’s photographer and because I felt comfortable being that, I was more than happy to stay in my comfort zone.

Little less than a few months ago something changed, I was made redundant last year and I’ll be completely honest we’ve had to tighten our belts, money I brought in was money for food, if it rained one weekend well, then things weren’t all that great, I had no wine. I’d been asked so many times about photographing weddings ‘I don’t do weddings’ was always my reply – Yet something inside me decided to step outside of my comfort zone, I decided I wanted to photograph weddings. Seriously I panicked after so many people messaged me…

I received a message from a photographer, a local photographer asking if I’d photograph her wedding – Geez, a PHOTOGRAPHER (and one that shoots weddings!) – Part of me wondered what the dickens I was doing, the other was ordering back up cameras and memory cards galore – Georgina Brewster is a kind, generous, funny and beautiful woman, I cannot thank her enough for believing in me, she barely knows me yet trusted me with the job of photographing her wedding. This wasn’t a family friend or relative, this was a proper person wanting a proper photographer. Sure I knew I could take a decent photograph, I’ve been photographing families for years (over 500 in total – that’s families, not years – my wrinkles aren’t that bad), but suddenly I was in business, proper business. I wavered between being incredibly giddy and nervous as hell! –

May the 3rd crept up on me like a ghost on Hallowe’en, preparations for this weekend have been thorough and precise, I’m a neat freak organised mad woman. I decided to stop checking the weather and decided what will be, will be… I met Chris a week prior to the wedding and was instantly at ease, he’s a funny chap, Georgina tells me he thinks he’s Peter Kay 😉 I think he’s funnier! – Embsay’s St Mary’s Church was our location followed up at the Winter Gardens in Ilkley. The Tour De Yorkshire couldn’t even stop us getting there, I felt like royalty following the wedding car through crowds of eager spectators all cheering when they saw the bride and groom, I wished I’d have had my sunnies for extra coolness.

I couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple and family to photograph for, I loved their venue, their bridesmaids and grooms men, parents, family, the reception venue and come on, there must be some fate in the fact that they’re now Mr & Mrs Beck!!!

I loved photographing their wedding more than I can possibly express,  I cannot wait to see what this means for the future, oh goodness, am I ever going to get any sleep!!!!

Let your eyes feast themselves on these…